Jan 26, 2021

29 faces February 2021

 Heeeyyy! The fun 29 faces challenge is starting in a few days! February 1st

Here is the blog button, you can post it wherever you like! 
Since the group grew too big to so many networks, I kind of stop updating the blog, but  it's been happening each Febryary and September!
Lets get read for the next round! Wherever you post!

For the FAQ please direct the link to the 29 faces blog:  29faces.blogspot.com

I hope you join us! you can post your work in any social network and link yourself to the rest of artist by using the hashtag #29faces 

What type of faces are you going to create this time? Let me know in the comments! 💓


  1. I plan to draw female Country singers.

    by EAGHL

  2. Portraits with all different types of facial expressions in graphite.

  3. Different types of portraitsHERE

    much love...