Jan 25, 2013

What is 29 faces

Can you make twenty nine  faces in 28 days (February)?
Or 29 on 30 days in September ;o)

29 faces is a create-a-day challenge. It was originally started by Ayala Art in 2012 to celebrate the leap year with art, 29 faces in 29 days in February. It was so much fun, we had to do it 3 more times though the year! Click on the top tabs to see past participants.

We start the 1st of the month, and it's all about the face. Any medium, surface, size and techniques are welcome. Canvas, paper, wood, digital, journals, mixed media, acrylics, oils, pastels, clay, rocks.... you name it!

* Try to use new methods, elements or mediums you have not done before or as much, this is the time to play and not be afraid! Open that fancy new paint, doodle in that new app. Use that pretty paper stash! Go for it!

* You can share something you already made BUT Do not post only old work! This is for challenging yourself as the month goes by, to practice, experiment, try new things, use our stored supplies and have fun!

* Visit blogs and say hello... Meet new cool artsy people!

*I encourage to network and re-post from blogs you like but ask first before you pin to Pinterest, as some people do not like to be there.

* Friendly reminder: Any link unrelated or without a label will be deleted. 
No facebook links in this Linky; we have a FB group and FB page.

Grab the blog button in the right column, share with everyone. The more the merrier! 
Take some time every day for your art and you will improve in anything you work on! ♥

This challenge is shared with Mr Linky. You need a Label (Tag) to paste there. If your link ends in "html" or "com" it is wrong. (◠‿◠)✌  Read instruction for the right link to add  HERE <-----

Jan 23, 2013

How to add Link

PLEASE READ IT ALL. Twice if needed :oD
To show all the blog posts in one link, you need a label/tag.

Your participating CHALLENGE RELATED posts have to include the label/tag 29 faces or any variation you prefer, but always the same label so it will link to all your post (make sure you type it in EVERY post for the challenge-related in your blog!) and that's the link to paste in the Linky here.

* Make an introduction first posting, type a label/tag;
* Post it like you normally do, 
* Now go and click on that label of the post
* Copy the URL in your browser and paste it here in the Linky

It should look something like this:
 so the link you post will take the readers to all your challenge's posts. * If your link ends in "html" then you don't have the right link!
This way we only have to post one link, and have our 29 postings showing. (^._.^)

You can join at any time during the month of February (or September)! The Linky will close at the end of the month on the 28th

Please read all the help-posts on the right bar, and if you still need help just ask me in this blog.

No facebook or ning links! Those do not work as blogs, and if the reader is not a member, can't see anything anyway. There's a group in FB for those participants without a blog, listed in the side bar.

For Tumblr, flickr, instagram and other visual blogs, you still need the label/tag and link from there. But you might get less comments if the participants are not members of those sites! They can see the image but can't comment. You are still welcome to participate if you don't mind that issue, just use a label! (no labeled blogs and unrelated posts will be removed)

Jan 22, 2013

How to grab the blog button

For those new to blogging, and want to add a button, here is an easy tutorial.
Click on images to make them bigger.

That's it! If you want to add more buttons, just repeat the steps. If you want to re arrange the order, drag the gadgets up or down in your Layout.

I hope you find this useful!

Turn off Captcha Verification

Make life easier for your blog readers, turn off the captcha words!
It really gives people a lot of trouble to post, particularly those with iPad, and we do want our friends and readers to come and post, right?
 How to do it in blogspot:

1. Go to Design,

          2.> then Settings,

             3.> then Post and comments,

                 4.> then click NO for "Show word verification"...

Voila! "captcha" free! 

Select "Moderate always" so no SPAM can sneak in, bur really, in over 7 years of blogging, I have only had like 4 or so Spam attempts.

Jan 20, 2013

How to add labels to a post

For those new to blogging, here's the way to add a label:
(Any other blog has a similar way to add a label/tag)

if you like this post, share it with the buttons below:(If you read the feed, click the post title)

Want to make a tab?

If you want to have all your 29 faces in a special location, it in the menu tab, then you need to add a Pages-widget to your blog. I am assuming you know how to add gadgets.

Then open a "Page"(from your "Design" menu)  copy/paste that same URL (the whole thing you copied after you clicked on your own tab/label) and save.

You don't have to do this last step, that's only in case anyone wants to add a tab in their blog!