Sep 30, 2014

Thank you!

Many members here and in the FB group joined in the fun... created along hundreds of faces this month, and had a blast. Yes, the rush of keeping up and posting seems to be the hardest part but the art was so wonderful, and the end results is happiness.

I want to thank each person that participated, and I want YOU to give yourself a pat on the shoulder for daring, do trying and for working so hard. Even if you didn't quite finish all.... even if you had mixed results... you are still ahead of the game, by practicing and getting out of your comfort zone.
Post here what you discovered about yourself and your efforts!
Don't forget to post your art in the FB page if you are there so we all can see and enjoy the faces ♥

See you in February 2015!

Art by Caryn Smith

Sep 24, 2014

The last few days!

Can you believe we are getting close to the end of the challenge?

Have you tried something new? Work on a smaller size.... work on a larger size!
Find those 30 minutes to paint or draw... maybe play with editing a photo in an app... You still have a few days to practice, to improve, to try some scary messy technique... it doesn't matter what kind of art style it is, play with it!

Share your link in the Linky... post in the page or in the group... we all are having so much fun with the huge variety of faces ♥ Oh... visit the blogs and enjoy the eye candy!

Sep 1, 2014

Faces in September!

Hello artists! Welcome on board!
If you need help please check the links at the right --->

This is a challenge about faces. Not the whole body, not buildings, not sale links. We are not doing animals faces this time around, but things with a face are ok. Just try to  have a variety and something different for you.

*Please do not make extra "Linkys" for this on your blog, as it gets confusing for all. The only place where to add your blog is in this blog. 

*Do not post only older work, this is supposed to be a daily exercise. Part of the challenge is to dedicate daily time for your art.

*Turn off the captcha verification, it will help your visitors and they will come back. If they have to deal with many captchas, they will not bother leaving a post.

*Try a new thing! Play with your unopened paint, or that pretty paper you have stashed away. Even the little app you just downloaded! Practice a new technique and don't judge yourself too hard.

*Visit blogs and leave a message, we all love to hear from our visitors! ♥

*Aim for 29 and Have fun! WIPs are welcome!  (°‿~ )

Remember: we are flying together, messing up is ok, practicing is expected! Walking into new Art territory is encouraged!  All levels of expertise are welcome!