Aug 16, 2013

Are you ready?

We are starting again in September 1st!

Get all your supplies ready to go. Make 29 faces in 30 days. 1 day of room to wiggle :oD

*Any style, any level of experience.
*All media welcome, all substrates.
*Unfinished projects are welcome too!

This time around we will be doing less animal and more humanish. After all, it is practice for making a face! Fantasy is ok! This means, vampires, trolls, fairies, mermaids and things with a face, are welcome.
Horses, pigs, cows and the rest... not so much. Unless they have a more caricature human aspect to their face.
Oh, and whimsy! Whimsical and cute is always good :oD
Read more about it HERE

Post in the Linky (when it's up!) ... post in your blog, post in the FB group, and in the public page as well.

Rule number one: have fun!