Aug 28, 2015

The button is here!

Here is the new graphic:

And here is the new blog button (for those in cells and tablets. Copy the gray area and paste wherever you want)
For those in computer, same, or copy the one in the side bar--->

29 faces

Read the past post for getting a kit with sample materials. Not necessary but always mentioned.

The Linky will be up on September 1st as early as I can, Pacific time... hey, maybe even midnight, so my friends in Europe and AU, NZ much earlier than my time, can come and play! :oD

Aug 27, 2015

For those that have asked...

Every time I run the challenge I get many emails and a frequent question is if there is some kind of kit for the challenge. I am offering one as a test now! :oD

There are only 9 kits available, with samples to try and it includes a 29 prompts list!
It is only offered for the US at the moment. Time and demand will tell if it will expand later on. See it HERE
It is not necessary to buy it, to participate. It is only for those that have sent notes about it :o)

Keep your paint brush wet!

Aug 24, 2015

Almost there. . .

Hello everyone!
I hope you are having a nice summer.... or winter! Depending on where in the planet you are located!
The Mr Linky will be posted as early as possible on the first day, and you can add your link. Check the side bar for instructions --->
If you visit from a mobile devise, you will have to click your link to see it as a website.
Are you getting ready for the challenge?

Aug 10, 2015

29 faces FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I add my link?
Pleas click here to see how-to post. You only have to add your link once that way.

Can I join late?
Yes! Definitely! Work as much as you can and have fun.

Is it only in February?
No, we also go crazy making faces in September, starting on the 1st.

Do you have more challenges?
 Yes. I run random challenges sometimes, and I have some other recurring like "June Guys", "Hands in April", and sometimes challenges about Frida kahlo in July or in October, along with "Dia de los Muertos" art. And every once in a while a mini challenge honoring a famous personality that passes away when we are running the 29 faces.

Can I paint on....?
Yes, anything goes. If you are interested in an unusual material, or something well known but new to you, go ahead!

Do you have/offer samples to test?
I do now! It is not necessary to buy it, but I get asked so many times that I put together a variety of paper and a document with ideas to try. I will offer a kit for those interested in trying, in my shop

Can I join if I don't know how to draw?
Yes, any level is welcome. Every person participating has a different goal, so knowing a little or a lot doesn't make a difference. You will be in a group having fun, and each member will be doing their own thing.

Do you teach?
Yes, check my online workshops here and my video channel here.

Why can't I link here my FB?
People that are not in FB cannot see the posts, but there is a group and a page to share there if you click here

Can I link with my "insert site name here" blog?
Basically yes. If you can add tags/labels, and the site lets people comment, then you can add it. If it is a site that only lets members post, then you will not get as much interaction from non members.

Are animal portraits ok?
Well... Yes and no. I used to let people include animals, it is a great exercise, but this is after all a human face challenge. So, you can make an animal or two, but not the whole month of realistic pets, please. However, objects with a face, humanoids and fantasy faces are fine.

Is there anything to eat?
I hear this question so often, I had to include it. lol ...yes, in the kitchen! :o)

Mar 11, 2015

Tribute to Leonard Nimoy

As we were finishing the challenge, we heard of the passing of Leonard Nimoy. I invited the members to work on a portrait of him and this is the results... wonderful!
Thank you everyone for participating and for letting me post your work in the blog.

by Anne Terkelsen

by Cherie Balowski

by Illona Heimbokel

by Jackie Beeman

by Lydia Puente Harris

by Mary Simms

by Paula Jeffery

by Sandra Doris Daughter

by Shelly Simpson

by Skye of Ravens

by Ziona Hull

Feb 28, 2015

Saying good bye, till September!

Somehow February passes by so quickly, an not necessary because it is missing a couple of days I think, but also because making art seems to seep it up.

Whatever the reason, I hope this past 28 days you had a wonderful time doing your thing, experimenting, learning something new... having fun!
Don't feel bad if you didn't finish the 29 faces, you can still keep posting as you go, and visit all the other bloggers to say hi, now that there is a bit more time :o)

I will be working on a FAQ to have handy the information ♥ 

We'll be back again in September!

Art by Happy Tiler, taken with permission

Feb 7, 2015

How was your 1st week of the challenge?

Are you having a good time? I am!
And for those that just now heard of the 29 faces.... it isn't too late! In fact, it is never late: You can start any time in February! And come back in September, don't forget!