Aug 29, 2018

29 faces in September is almost here!

Is it that time of the year? Yes!  Get ready to create every day, as much as you can, and with ANY art supply you want, digital included!

Here is the challenge's button. Sadly, I do not have a way to share it like before, to just grab the code, but you can right-click and save, to upload yo your blog or ANY other network but please, include a link back to this blog, tell them Ayala Art organizes the challenge so people know what you are talking about (°‿~ )

There is a list of links on the right side bar ----->>>>
with instructions and FAQ but always feel free to ask your questions here or in the FB group. If you are on a mobile you might need to click to see this as an internet page., otherwise the bar is not showing.
Are you new to the challenge? Click on the tabs in this blog and see all the past faces, or on the FB page HERE and also in my channel HERE

Now to the logo, grab it and get ready! yaaaay!

Larger version:

Smaller version:

Jan 30, 2018

29 Faces February 2018 Button

Hey 29 Faces tribe!

Usually I have the button a lot earlier than this, but my excuse if the chaos I have around me with renovations to the house. Don't ask, I have like 2 months worth of words to say in one sitting lol

Anyway, here it is! Grab it and post it wherever you want! ♥

Unfortunately the site where I had it in the past changed their policies about photo sharing so I can't have it like before, with the grab and share link.... but it is just as easily to copy and upload to your blog, and link back here so people know what you are talking about lol

I have a FAQ HERE for those new to the challenge and instructions on the side bar. If you are visiting from a mobile device, please check at the very bottom of the page where it says to see it as a website (something like that)

...Get ready, we are about to start!

Sep 30, 2017

29 Faces Sept 2017

I hope you enjoyed the prompts, I also that you learned something new about yourself!
There were some technical difficulties for the blog as I was not able to have the Mr Linky for this September, but it will be back on next February.
However, if you want to see tons of art, click the hashtag #29faces and you will see many participants in different networks ♥
See you in February!

Aug 16, 2017

New blog button for September 2017!

The next 29 faces challenge is around the corner!
My photo host changed things on me and unfortunately I will not offer a "grab button" this time around in the side bar, but GRAB IT anyway! lol I only ask you link back to the blog so people know what you are talking about, I have a FAQ link on the side bar so new participants have their questions answered.

Are you getting ready? For those that like prompts, I will have a list, totally optional, and as always: Use those stashed art supplies, practice that new technique, or start making faces for the first time!! Every level is welcome, every medium and style is appreciated... have fun and fly with the rest of us Art Addicts, while creating 29 faces in September (one extra day)

Here is the button, post it wherever you want, blog, twitter, YT, FB and link it to:

On September 1st I will have the Mr Linky for you to link from here ♥

Feb 15, 2017

Half of the challenge's month!

I hope everyone had a nice love and friendship day yesterday the 14th!
That marked half the month, and the challenge... remember this year we do 29 faces in 28 days! ;o)

How is everyone doing? Are you so far keeping up one a day?
For those that like prompts, (totally optional) here is a list of 4:

Jan 28, 2017

29 faces in February 2017

Is it that time of year yet?? Yes!
Grab the button on the sidebar (copy and paste the txt in your blog) ---->>

Come have fun with hundreds of artists of all levels, making faces in any media!
We start on the 1st of February, make 29 if possible... but not being a leap year, you have to create 2 one of the days! ;o)
Join the Mr Linky starting Feb 1st in the newest tab (top menu) and the public page in FB

You can post in any type of blog that allows public viewing (no required membership to post)
videos are OK, but please remember to include a link to this blog, where people can find the actual information of the challenge (and not some vague indirect place) lol

More than anything, have fun creating and discover how you can perfect your techniques by dedicating time to make a face a day! ♥