Sep 30, 2013

Are we there yet?

September is coming to an end...


If you left pieces still undone, go ahead and finish them. If you are in FB, post them in the group or public page HERE

Visit the huge Linky list in the top Menu of this blog to have your daily fix of art, enjoy a new blog, leave them a comment and make a new friend in a far away place.  We have people from Australia, Argentina,  Belgium, Canada, England, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, many places in the US ... Where else? Did I miss your country, let me know.

Hugs! See you next February! ♥ 
Meanwhile if you like challenges and paper, visit Manon's blog:

Sep 13, 2013

How are you doing?

We are around 300 people flying together right now, between facebook and blogs.

Do not be afraid to try new things in your art. Grab that canvas, that fancy paper, those paint tubes or colors that you have not used, try a new medium.

Dare, because a lot of us are daring at the same time, and you will discover something new about yourself.

Accept that not every piece has to be a total brilliant success. Sometimes a painting or drawing will make us learn simply what we don't like, and that's still ok.

 Plus remember:  practice makes perfect ♥

Sep 7, 2013

Confusion and Updates

Hey all!    ٩(◠◡◠)۶    

Thank you for all the enthusiasm and flood of notes, posts and questions. Just the first day I got over 100 emails!
All is welcome and I hope you are having not only fun, but also the feeling of conquering something new.

 Just a little update!
♥ There are 121 links from participants in the Linky here.
♥ The page has 320 lovely fans posting there daily.
♥ We are almost 300 artsy creatives minds in the FB group, posting just art faces, truly dreamy! 

Now I want to address a bit of confusion regarding the linking to 29 faces challenge.

*This* is the only blog to link your blog posts to! We also have a facebook page to share there for those that do not blog, and the group, where we can also go gaga with awesome faces on constant bases! Links are in the side bar.

I want to address this because I had people asking where else to sign up, and if they had to go to yet one more blog to link....
Just noticed that some other person made links in their posts for the 29 faces challenge but I have no idea why. I think is just enthusiasm, but it creates confusion and more work for me to see what they are talking about and explain that no, that other link party is not related to the challenge.

Please see the links on the side bar, those are the only links made by me, for my challenge.
If you go to other places, those are not my original sites, I don't run them therefore I have no clue of reason, place, URL or anything.

Sorry for the confusion, I hope that participant understands the reasons why not to call her  link-party "29 faces".

OK ... Keep drawing, painting, doodling... creating!
Visit other participants and comment, you will make a new artsy friend!

Sep 1, 2013

29 faces in September!

Welcome to the challenge, please post your faces as indicated HERE Feel free to ask any questions.
Unrelated links will be deleted. No facebook links, you can post those in the page HERE or in the group HERE and of course in your walls, with hashtag #29faces

 Add your link on the top menu tab!
On your marks...Get set.... Paint! ...or draw, collage, print... you get it :oD

UPDATE: Google+ Users: Post a BLOG link, since not everyone is in G+ (or likes it!) so you won't be getting comments :o(