Mar 3, 2013

So sad to be done...

February was gone so fast!
So many people participated in the challenge, had fun, learned some new way to do things and met new friends... it was spectacular in my opinion!
I myself was sad to see it end... I am still visiting blogs I had no time before! I recommend you all do the same, say hello ( we all LOVE to hear from visitors!) and keep enjoying the last "few drops" of it.
At the same time, it is a nice break to relax from working the art marathon the challenge was!
So stay tuned, the next 29 faces will be in September.

There is an international art-activity I posted in the FB group, only past participants of the challenge can sign in (so we know each other) Ask me, if interested! (We are still forming teams the first weeks of march)

Also, we are going to have "Hands in April" and "June Guys" but those will be held in my painting blog HERE if you want to be part of it, just keep an eye there.

Thank you so very much for being part of this challenge. I send all a BIG HUG!