Feb 18, 2016

A note of self respect and appreciation

Dear artist friends:
Each time for the past 4 years that I have run the 29 faces challenge, I hear all kinds of comments about the frustration of a starting artist or worse yet, some vague or direct criticism of another person's art (do not worry, I cut those short from the group, after a friendly recommendation of being kind and not a troll).

I want you to read this words out-loud: "No one is born knowing" I have been saying that countless times not only for art but life in general. In fact it is one of my favorite things to say!
We are born knowing nothing. We do not have to be perfect when we just started a new craft. Give yourself permission to have many messy creations -in this case faces-. And do not compare yourself with someone that has been working on their craft for years.

Respect and love those distorted wobbly faces, because those are the first steps to go where you want!
Being it  realism or whimsical... pencil sketches or oils. It all needs, requires and it is expected to have "ugly", "messy", "weird" pieces.
If you don't like them, observe what it is that you don't like and work on it. Enjoy the steps. I can promise you with practice you will get where you want. Take it in small parts, work on eyes for a while, then only in making the mouth... then maybe ears, or nose...
If you are totally new to drawing, don't expect a Da Vinci result, but rather see the components of a face, practice parts of the face till you got them the way you want.

It is perfectly fine to do whimsical and do them in your own style. Not everyone has to do realism! If you like a more realistic approach then by all means, practice and accept the "fail" faces, and then compare them months later or a year later and you will see how much you have grown as an artist.
I have seen it time after time, right here in the challenge! :o)

Do not give up. Find the time to practice for a few minutes and more than anything, have fun in this challenge, with hundreds of other  like-minded people flying together.

Much love and a pat in the shoulder for you ♥