Jan 30, 2018

29 Faces February 2018 Button

Hey 29 Faces tribe!

Usually I have the button a lot earlier than this, but my excuse if the chaos I have around me with renovations to the house. Don't ask, I have like 2 months worth of words to say in one sitting lol

Anyway, here it is! Grab it and post it wherever you want! ♥

Unfortunately the site where I had it in the past changed their policies about photo sharing so I can't have it like before, with the grab and share link.... but it is just as easily to copy and upload to your blog, and link back here so people know what you are talking about lol

I have a FAQ HERE for those new to the challenge and instructions on the side bar. If you are visiting from a mobile device, please check at the very bottom of the page where it says to see it as a website (something like that)

...Get ready, we are about to start!