Aug 29, 2018

29 faces in September is almost here!

Is it that time of the year? Yes!  Get ready to create every day, as much as you can, and with ANY art supply you want, digital included!

Here is the challenge's button. Sadly, I do not have a way to share it like before, to just grab the code, but you can right-click and save, to upload yo your blog or ANY other network but please, include a link back to this blog, tell them Ayala Art organizes the challenge so people know what you are talking about (°‿~ )

There is a list of links on the right side bar ----->>>>
with instructions and FAQ but always feel free to ask your questions here or in the FB group. If you are on a mobile you might need to click to see this as an internet page., otherwise the bar is not showing.
Are you new to the challenge? Click on the tabs in this blog and see all the past faces, or on the FB page HERE and also in my channel HERE

Now to the logo, grab it and get ready! yaaaay!

Larger version:

Smaller version: