Sep 27, 2016

How are you doing?

I hope everyone is having fun and learning something new about your own capabilities and art preference.
I myself am learning patience and acceptance that sometimes we just have to take a detour, take a different path or slow down, even if I know I can do better.... Why? Because every time I run this challenge, something unplanned happens. This time was a move, which we were so sure would happen in October, but no, had to be as September started and it has been nuts.
We still can' find stuff in boxes -- so much for having someone helping, right?
But anyway, I am trying to keep up, changed directions, switched gears and I am doing the challenge on my iPad, which I have to confess, I have no idea how to use fast and therefor the "patience" part of my learning while doing the challenge.

Talk to you soon and I hope whatever you are dong, you are having fun!!