Feb 28, 2014

Good bye for now!

Well... the month is over! Hundreds of faces were made, admired and loved.
New friendships were made from different corners of the World; new techniques were tested, some were  successful, some not so much hahaha but at the end I hope everyone enjoyed their time and efforts, and that now you all feel a bit stronger and more daring.

Give yourself a pat in the shoulder!
 Seems like time speeds up and always feel it rushed too much the very last day.

Keep visiting at your leisure all the blogs you could not visit before. The FB group remains open and very active all through the year. I make other challenges at my main blog if you want to keep an eye over there. All the links are in the side bar.

* Talking about the side bar... If you download my e-Book, do not sign up for the extra newsletter offered there. I have nothing to do with it. I do not mail anything, the service is only to download my document :o)

Also, I would like to invite you to come back and play in September!
There are some ideas I want to do around that time, so I will post in August to update and start getting ready again ♥

Congrats to all, a big hug! And thank you so much for all the wonderful comments you give me, it truly makes me so happy! Blessings!

Art by Robin Walsh

Feb 10, 2014

Are you keeping up?

Day 10 of 29... Have you been keeping up? Have you tried yet something new? (Use that fancy patterned paper....? Open the tub or acrylic paint that you bought months ago...? Done a different size of your usual...?)
Well, I hope to hear you have!

I want to mention something that keeps popping up in the comments and private notes: What blog to use. Basically, all kinds of blogs are fine BUT there are some that only allow members to post a comment, so you will not be getting many comments if only 3 people are in that same kind of blog site.
Some are completely private to not members so they won't even see the image! In those cases, I notify the person and we can do something about it.

Also, if you have the "dynamic" display in blogspot, not everyone knows that the comment link shows only after clicking the blog post title. That can get a bit tricky.

If the blog is not art related, sorry peeps, but it will be removed. It is not fair for the rest of us face fanatics to be doing our run of close to 200 posts and BAM! Some unrelated face-less post from months ago.... huh?

Oh! now that I'm talking about doing the rounds of "close to 200 blogs" ... OMG captcha verification nightmare! Please dearest bloggers.... check your settings and turn that off, if only for the challenge! ♥
You will have more comments, will make your readers feel welcome, and all of us will have a smoother blog traveling if we won't have to stop in the brick wall of the captcha.

In my case, I see it behind a window, and when not... it has this ridiculously tangled letters that even if I hit to switch for another, I still can't read and by then the glorious dreamy sensation of looking at the art kind of dissolves  :oP
Set it to moderate, and you still can control what gets posted, without using that. :o)

OK.... Hugs to all, I hope you are having a great time... I am!! ♥
Lets keep making faces!! yaaay!

Feb 1, 2014

1st day of February!

We are starting the challenge with awesome art! Faces, videos, animations... wow! What a feast for the eye! This is a Sweet Art Overload ♥

If you are a new visitor, click every link in Mr Linky, (tabs on top menu) you'll see what I'm talking about :oD

Oh, I want to remind you turn off the "captcha" verification word. Yes, it helps with the spam, but it also helps to scare readers away!  :o(
When we want to visit many blogs (and we do want to visit them ALL) it slows down the rhythm and in my case, it shows under a little window with a bar like a menu...? No idea what's up with that, and I know no one enjoys getting tangled by it. :oP

To learn how to turn captcha off visit the Help link ---->
At least for the challenge :o)

I want to thank everyone for your nice comments! I wish I could answer properly all of them one at a time,  hugs!