Aug 28, 2015

The button is here!

Here is the new graphic:

And here is the new blog button (for those in cells and tablets. Copy the gray area and paste wherever you want)
For those in computer, same, or copy the one in the side bar--->

29 faces

Read the past post for getting a kit with sample materials. Not necessary but always mentioned.

The Linky will be up on September 1st as early as I can, Pacific time... hey, maybe even midnight, so my friends in Europe and AU, NZ much earlier than my time, can come and play! :oD


  1. Hi Martha. Thanks for the invite which I would have joined anyways. Tee hee. I've been busy with my new journey in life and have been thinking a lot, plus spending time in Instagram. I'm barely visiting PPF peoples. Okay I will soon add the link to my sidebar and this year my theme will be ME, if that's okay with you. tee hee.

  2. Thanks a lot!! I joined last year and I join again. It's a wonderful opportunity to learn and have fun!!. Thanks!!