Feb 7, 2015

How was your 1st week of the challenge?

Are you having a good time? I am!
And for those that just now heard of the 29 faces.... it isn't too late! In fact, it is never late: You can start any time in February! And come back in September, don't forget!


  1. It's been amazing week! Very busy but very wonderful! I have tryid different colors and especially different papers. I have many paintings waiting for get to my blog. It has been interesting to go around other blogs.

    Thank You Martha very much for this fascinating challenge :-)

  2. i'm had a great first week!! i love this challenge. I don't usually draw faces so it has really pushed me a bit!

  3. I love being a part of 29 faces. I am drawing every day this week and seeing amazing art! Thank you!

  4. Wow! What a challenge! Love it. But cause I found it just now I have to ask, is it possible to add faces witch I´ve made February, before I find this blog?

    1. Yes, just make sure you have the Label "29 faces" so the link will bring to those faces from february (you can edit those posts)
      Glad you are join us!