Jan 27, 2015

The challenge's button

When I work on the 29 faces challenge button I always think, will it fit? Will it be OK?
I want something universal, embracing.... something that people, you! could relate to.

So I opted for an abstract. Each time I abstract more lol
What I want to say with this image is: you can!
I could do something realistic, or ask someone with a different style to make it extra fancy, but what i want to do is invite ALL from any level of expertise, and media.... to just follow that line and make a face.

The button, the challenge's logo for February is very simple and playful.

Because my personal most used way of doing things is more linear and outlined, I always aim for loose in this challenge. It helps me to awaken something inside my mind and for a month do things differently. Then I end up with more confidence and new perspectives when I work on a face.

Maybe you want to go from abstract into realistic.... maybe you want to try a new media. Go ahead.... just grab your materials and follow that line.

As always, the Mr Linky will be up Feb 1st,
Follow the help on how to add the link/directions on the side bar---->>
[that way you only add once! :o) ] But if you have a problem, I will fix it :o)
All unrelated links will be deleted.

I am SO looking forward to see your art!


  1. All done. It's on my blog. Look forward to February.

  2. I have been waiting for this challenge! It is coming great!!! Thank You again for this large job You have with this.
    You have made very great and beautiful mark! I take it now with me and put to my blog. I am coming again with this wonderful challenge....this is great...
    Thank You so much...Uuna

  3. :) Added the button as well. I'm looking forward to get inspired!

  4. Yay! So exciting! Love the new button and am going to add it to my blog now :)

  5. I have heard about this challenge from last year and have been waiting! Button is added!

  6. oh i love it! so exciting that this is still going strong!

  7. looking forward to another 29 Faces month with you!
    thank you for hosting!

  8. Yay! Happy 29 Faces,thank you for hosting this for us! :)