Jan 28, 2017

29 faces in February 2017

Is it that time of year yet?? Yes!
Grab the button on the sidebar (copy and paste the txt in your blog) ---->>

Come have fun with hundreds of artists of all levels, making faces in any media!
We start on the 1st of February, make 29 if possible... but not being a leap year, you have to create 2 one of the days! ;o)
Join the Mr Linky starting Feb 1st in the newest tab (top menu) and the public page in FB

You can post in any type of blog that allows public viewing (no required membership to post)
videos are OK, but please remember to include a link to this blog, where people can find the actual information of the challenge (and not some vague indirect place) lol

More than anything, have fun creating and discover how you can perfect your techniques by dedicating time to make a face a day! ♥

1 comment:

  1. Seriously, I am the first one to post? Am I at the right spot? Regardless I have been waiting all year (okay 1 month) for February to get here so I can start posting all my faces I have been drawing! YAY! And thank you for hosting this Challenge again. It's one of my favorites. I will go visit your FB page too. Big hugs and a HUGE Thank You! Rasz