Sep 30, 2014

Thank you!

Many members here and in the FB group joined in the fun... created along hundreds of faces this month, and had a blast. Yes, the rush of keeping up and posting seems to be the hardest part but the art was so wonderful, and the end results is happiness.

I want to thank each person that participated, and I want YOU to give yourself a pat on the shoulder for daring, do trying and for working so hard. Even if you didn't quite finish all.... even if you had mixed results... you are still ahead of the game, by practicing and getting out of your comfort zone.
Post here what you discovered about yourself and your efforts!
Don't forget to post your art in the FB page if you are there so we all can see and enjoy the faces ♥

See you in February 2015!

Art by Caryn Smith


  1. Many thanks to you for hosting this. At the beginning of this year (and all times previous), I would never have dreamt I would have the courage to try and draw a face, never mind 29+ of them, but having seen the inspiring work of so many artists in so very many different styles, during February, I determined that I would have a go next year; and then you announced this September group, and after a bit humming and hawing I went for it; I am so glad that I did. I discovered that I can draw some close resemblances to faces. I remember writing that what I would post would only be 'representational', but I am delighted to say that some of my images were pretty good for a beginner and they are vastly improved since #1. So a very big thank you to you and a huge thank you to all the inspirational artists that have taken part now and in the past. THANK YOU! :o))

  2. Thank YOU very very much. Now I had to take pencil and pen to my hand, again. It was difficult after some time, but it was very fun. I mad a collage from pictures of this year and also from picture from 2013, because I dont' have that blog any more.

  3. Thank you so much for including my art here, Martha! It has been such a joy to be a part of this group since you first started it in "leap year" several years ago. We all enjoy this opportunity to not only practice making faces but also to try new techniques as you continually encourage us to do. This challenge is great for building our portfolios and a daily discipline of making art! I love seeing all the wonderful contributions everyone makes, as I have said before, it's like opening Christmas presents each day as I so look forward to see what everyone is working on! Thank you so much for starting this and continuing it twice each year. It really is so much fun and the encouragement and camaraderie among the group is always such a daily boost too. You are doing a really wonderful thing by hosting this! Thanks for the friendship and memories! <3

  4. It is comments like these that make me keep going and keep loving it... Big Hugs! ♥