Jan 22, 2013

Turn off Captcha Verification

Make life easier for your blog readers, turn off the captcha words!
It really gives people a lot of trouble to post, particularly those with iPad, and we do want our friends and readers to come and post, right?
 How to do it in blogspot:

1. Go to Design,

          2.> then Settings,

             3.> then Post and comments,

                 4.> then click NO for "Show word verification"...

Voila! "captcha" free! 

Select "Moderate always" so no SPAM can sneak in, bur really, in over 7 years of blogging, I have only had like 4 or so Spam attempts.


  1. Yes, those really make a difference being turned off. Also the other one where you have to type numbers and a word throws you off. Perhaps they can omit that too? :)

  2. I have way too many hits from suspect IPs to ever turn off captcha entirely and would be very leery having nothing at all. However, I've seen one recently that presented a "click to verify that you aren't a robot" caveat but have no idea how a routine that avoided bot detection could be written. If anyone out there has any ideas, I'd be much obliged.

    1. You can turn it off and still moderate your comments. Makes it easier for the visitors and still safe for your blog :o)