Mar 18, 2016

See you in September ♥ #29faces

Hey guys, this is a slide show with my faces for this past February, I hope you had as much fun as I did.... and be ready for next September when we do it again!! It will be the 11th edition ..... 4 years strong!

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P.S. I noticed in the past months different groups with a similar name  to "29 faces", which is kind of sad and confusing. (30, 24, 100, 365 etc faces) and have nothing to do with this challenge... I wish they had picked another different name, but that's what it is.

The 29 faces challenge runs in February and September and all levels of expertise and mediums are welcome ♥

Thanks for visiting!


  1. As long as they didn't name their blog 29Faces. I've done different posts in the past with faces. Once I had once I called 12 faces and other. Maybe next week there will be a 28 Faces. Tee hee.:)::hugs:: Have a great weekend Martha.

  2. i think this golden face might make a nice face for next time's side bar..... sweet summer to you!