Aug 24, 2014

Just one more week!

We have one more week to start. This time we will not have animals. Why? because if you can draw/paint beautiful animals, then you should be practicing something else!
Any human or humanoid (fantasy) face is welcome. As always, any style, medium and level of expertise.
 On the 1st of September I will post the "Mr Linky" for everyone to add their link (only this challenge related please) Tumblr, LifeJournal, etc are welcome. Facebook links ONLY in the FB group/page, thanks! (check side bar links)

Here is the icon/button for your blog. Feel free to post it in any of your networks. Please link back here so people know what this is about:


  1. Finally! I've been waiting for this! Maybe my absence of inspiration comes back.

  2. Okay I'm on board too. Been trying to stay off the computer, but I'll link from time to time.:) Have a great day Martha.

  3. I've added the button to my blog.

  4. I've wanted to try this challenge for some time. I'm excited to give it a go. Drawing faces has been my #1 goal since journeying into Art, this will be a great way to achieve my goal. I addded the button to my blog.

  5. Whooop!! My first face is posted to the FB page :D I will do a blog post showing a few at a time as I don't have time to do daily blog posts. Thank you for the challenge :D Mo xo